Gallery of videos and still photos

Many of the still images and videos in this gallery portray recreational and hobbyist activities undertaken by Movo Aviation independent of its section 333 exemption. When Movo Aviation engages in commercial activity, it does so under the terms of its section 333 exemption. 

The Movonator is an octocopter microdrone, with features designed to explore the utility of microdrones to facilitate law-enforcement, newsgathering, surveying, powerline and pipeline patrol, real-estate marketing, and other functions.
Movonator static tests inside and compass calibration - 12 July 2014
Movonator static tests outside - 12 July 2014
Wind tunnel tests
The Movonator, like most electrically powered multicopters, is incapable of autorotation because the pitch of its rotor blades cannot be reduced to allow the upflow of air after engine failure to drive the rotors in the direction that generates lift.

Instead, as this video of some early wind tunnel tests shows, the upflow of air causes the rotors to turn backwards. The backward-turning rotors absorb some energy and thus can reduce the rate of descent, but not to rates of descent achievable in an autorotating helicopter. Our tests are continuing to quantify the effect.

Movonator nearing completion
Four more rotors and some GPS electronics yet to go
Not that a fair amount of work wasn't involved
Still photos - Phantom 2 Vision