Modovolate Aviation's Petition for Rulemaking and supporting Memorandum seeking regulation of microdrones as consumer products that cannot be sold unless they have built-in limitations on flight profiles.
Docket number FAA-2014-0473-0001, 
Here is the D.C. Circuit's order dismissing Equusearch's challenge to the FAA's prohibition on commercial drone flight and holding that the FAA's cease-and-desist order had no legal effect: ORDER

The order reflect two core principles of administrative law: (1) agencies must follow procedures providing notice and an opportunity to be heard before their orders are binding, and (2) only "final orders" by administrative agencies are subject to judicial review.

If Equusearch, or anyone else, is subject to FAA enforcement actions, they have a right to present their legal arguments against the sanction in an administrative proceeding.
DOT Inspector General says FAA is way behind on integrating drones into the NAS. Get the 26 June 2014 report here
News photographer Colin Hinkle's petition for exemption to allow him to fly microdrones commercial for aerial photography and news gathering. Docket number FAA-2014-0608-0001,